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Davis Hay


HayWire Studio is an affordable mixing and mastering solution for rock and metal. I make use of vintage-style plugins to create saturated soundscapes that would feel at home in 80s and 90s metal. I'm proud to offer my clients distribution-specific mastering, which means you get multiple masters which are each fine-tuned for streaming services, CD and more. Reach out to me if you have any questions about my services.



What is Distribution Specific Mastering?

It is the process of creating multiple masters of your music to ensure that you have optimal versions for different distribution methods.

Since streaming platforms normalize audio to lower loudness with lower peaks, there is no reason to submit a louder/more compressed master to them. You can instead submit a quieter/less compressed master which has more dynamic range!





Engineer fee $25/hr. Studio rental required. Contact for more details.


$20 per track avg

Time alignment, etc.


$50 per song avg

Mixing is the next stage after all tracks are edited, bounced and ready to mix.


$30 per song avg

Mastering is the final stage where your song is polished and brought up to industry standard loudness.

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Bounced multitracks for mixdown in WAV/AIFF format only.

Edited and ready-to-mix tracks so you can avoid editing fees. I will edit your tracks if you want me to though.

Notes detailing anything you think is important. The more information you provide at the start, the less likely there will need to be any revisions later.

A reference track, if you want your recording to sound similar to one of your favorites. (MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.)

Sophist - Prima Clavis (Video)

Sophist - Prima Clavis (Video)

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Davis Hay / HayWire Studio
2011 Graduate of the Recording Arts Program @ Powersound Recording Studios
Please contact me if you have any questions!
Email : davis@haywirestudio.com
Status: Accepting Projects